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When you dream about the perfect home what is the first thing that comes to your mind? We prepared a list of things that every dream house should have. Please take a look.

  1. Telephone line and satellite
    One of the first things that come up is media. Easy access to satellite tv and the internet makes live so much easier. Good connection speed provided thanks to telephone line, with not big monthly cost is an amazing convenience for everyday life
  2. Nearby pharmacy, supermarket, and restaurant
    I always find it very useful to do not have to take a car trip to buy a medicine that is needed emergency, or a bread for breakfast. It is so much better to have a pharmacy, a supermarket, and a restaurant just around of the corner.
  3. Housekeeping and maintenance service
    Isn't that just wonderful to have a qualified person at your fingerprints every time you need help in your home? No more waiting for specialist coming from the other part of the city, no more last minute cleaning because of unannounced guests. What else we could ask for?
  4. Security
    That is one of the most important parts. You should feel secure in your dream home. That's why having a security guard and central intercom system in your new property is a great improvement.
  5. Health club
    To keep a good health and impressive form, dream home should include a health club. Every day you can exercise as much as you need with specialized gym equipment.
  6. beachSwimming pool
    Year-round summer obligate to have at least swimming pool at sight. High temperatures and cloud-free sky make it a perfect relaxation to spend a day at the pool.
  7. Sea view
    We already wrote an article "Why flats with sea view are a great opportunity" and I am pretty sure that point does not need to be explained. Be able to look at the turquoise sea water right after you open your eyes, that's the experience no one want to miss.

The important part is that flats for sale in Sundance Beach Resort have all mentioned features. So if you are looking for a dream home, located in beautiful, year-round sunny city, you should definitely check our offer:
Flats for sale in Hurghada

Interested in apartments for sale in Hurghada?

If you are looking for flats for sale in Hurghada you are in the right place. Sundance Beach Resort offers wide selection of apartments with one, two and three bedrooms. Great facilities, location, view and European finish are strong sides of flats in our compound.


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