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To buy a flat in Hurghda seems like a huge decission to make. New apartments is usally a big step to take. It comes with pretty big cost and uncertain investment return. But there are many reasons to consider flats for sale in hurghada as a good choice as we wrote before. Moreover it is all much simplier that you expect.

First of all, the payment for the flats in Sundance Beach Resort is divided in many parts to make it much easier for you:

  • 10% Deposit on Reservation
  • 40% Payment on contract (usually 30 days from reservation)
  • 10% Payment on completion of concrete frame structure
  • 10% Payment on completion of brickwork
  • 10% Payment on completion of first fix, electrics & plumbing
  • 10% Payment on completion of ceramics and plaster walls
  • 10% on completion of unit (end of 2017)

Secondly, the flat that you are going to buy is high standard apartment with swimming pool and sea view (for some of the units). It has European finishing with aluminum windows and patio doors with fly screens. In the kichens and bathrooms from the floor to the ceiling is ceramic. Compound has a pool bar, restaurants, comunity gardens and gym. So everything you need is there.

Lastly, the rental examples for apartment in Hurghada we prepared shows that buying a flat in Hurghada is a good investment as well. You can make up to almost 9000 GBP yearly! So you can bring back the cost of the flat within just 6 years!

Don't think any longer, check out our availability list and reserve your new flat now!


Interested in apartments for sale in Hurghada?

If you are looking for flats for sale in Hurghada you are in the right place. Sundance Beach Resort offers wide selection of apartments with one, two and three bedrooms. Great facilities, location, view and European finish are strong sides of flats in our compound.


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