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hurghadaFlats for sale in Hurghada are a great choice for different people because of the reasons mentioned below. Read it carefully and consider buying a flat yourself.

  1. All year round weather in Hurghada is amazing.
    That's a fact. Whether it's a middle of the summer or winter, the weather in Hurghada makes the day just beautiful. You can enjoy the sun for the whole year without worrying about rainy days.

  2. Hurghada is a tourist city.
    Why is that good? There is a lot of activities prepared for tourists that you can enjoy. Diving, snorkeling, safari trips are just some of them. Moreover, the cultural diversity is really unforgettable.
  3. Hurghada is near to Ancient Egypt heritage.
    Great Pyramids and ancient temples are just a few hours away. Wouldn't it be great to live so close to the historical legacy?
  4. Flat in Hurghada are not expensive.egypt
    Just take a look at the prices in Sundance Beach Resort. Apartments with swimming pool start from £ 12,320.00 !!!
  5. An apartment is a good investment.
    We all know that real estate is one of the best ways to invest money. You can check our rental examples to see how much you can make.



Interested in apartments for sale in Hurghada?

If you are looking for flats for sale in Hurghada you are in the right place. Sundance Beach Resort offers wide selection of apartments with one, two and three bedrooms. Great facilities, location, view and European finish are strong sides of flats in our compound.


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